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shaytonagain's Journal

2 January 1967
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I am a Single, Male, Paraplegic, Eclectic Witch of an Egyptian/ Faery / Shamanism path, Usui Reiki Practioner Level III, all grouped together with a twist that is, I view the world from a wheelchair.
At present I am trying to publish some of my poetry and write a novel. Meanwhile, I seem to be trapped in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, waiting for my first chance to move elsewhere.
akashic records, ancient egypt, animal totems, anthropology, archaeology, artists, astral projection, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, auras, bast, birds, brian froud, budgies, cartoons, cats, chakras, chess, children, chocolate, citizenx, cooking, creativity, crystal healing, crystals, cuddling, cultures, divination, divinity, drawing, earth, egyptian magick, empathic ability, energy, england, enlightenment, erotica, evolution, fae, faeries, faery lore, flirting, flowers, freshwater aquariums, gardening, gemstones, gene roddenberry, gourmet coffee, graphic design, harry potter, herbalism, holistic healing, hot peppers, houseplants, imagination, in-betweens, incense, innocence, insight, inspiration, intimacy, intuition, j.r.r tolkein, legends, ley lines, love, magick, martial arts, massage, meditation, moonlight, museums, music, mythological creatures, mythology, nag champa, namaste, native american mythology, nature, nudism, numerology, nurturing, occult, paganism, painting, palaeontology, paranormal, passion, past life, philosophy, photography, piercings, poetry, power exchange, pranayama, prehistoric man, prehistory, psychic phenomena, reading, reiki, reincarnation, romance, sacred geometry, sensory stimulation, sensuality, sensuous art, sex, sex magic, shamanism, shapeshifting, silliness, sleeping naked, sociology, space, spicy foods, spina bifida, spirituality, star trek, stargate-sg1, stargazing, stone therapy, storytelling, sunrises, sunsets, tantra, tarot, tea, telepathy, third eye, thought forms, tickling, tigger, tolerance, touching, trees, tribal dance, universe, vision, voyeurs, watching people, watching people sleep, webcams, website design, witchcraft, women, world peace, writing