I now have 16 houseplants in my one bedroom apartment . Each plant placed in a place that is perfect for it's needs . Finally after a lot of switching around putting each in different places all are happy and healthy. All I have to do now is fight to stop myself from taking in any rejects from others to add to the bunch. If I fail I may need a set of hedge clippers just to go from room to room. lol! 
  I know! I know !! but when it comes to plants and animals that need a home . I'm weak. Give me will power ..........

where is everyone?
I miss my livejournal and old cx friends. ......sigh!!!!. Im back!! Im back!!!!!!

lucky day
I took some time today and managed to recover all of my poetry from my previous livejournal id. i couldn't log into it but I could access it from this new id. What a relief, i though i lost that stuff forever. Now i have to start all over again and try to find all my old friends on this site again and get used to the new format.

new live journal id
Hi everyone i recently loss access to my oher live journal id so i am forced to start all over again.


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